May 15, 2015

The CCD Podcast Episode #51 - The Mad Max Trilogy Retrospective or "WHO RUN BARTERTOWN? SAY... SAY LOUD... CCD RUNS BARTERTOWN!!! LIFT EMBARGO..."

The trilogy that many claim to have seen but few rarely have FINALLY gets the CCD Retrospective treatment in our newest podcast episode. We count down to the fourth installment of the Mad Max series (Fury Road... out May 15th!) with a look back at the first 3 George Miller classic films. The movie franchise that launched the Australian cinema industry gets fully broken down and discussed by Jedi Rob, Mike D, and filmmaker Leland James... and the Nerd Cave will never be the same!!! We all have a special view of the classic films, and it was real cool to chop it up CCD style in honor of the amazing films Miller has created. Fury Road looks great... but this is where it all began! Check out some cool vintage movie posters, artwork, and other tidbits as well as BOTH an AUDIO & VIDEO version of the podcast after the jump!!!


May 8, 2015

The CDD Podcast: Episode #50.5 - The Avengers: Age of Ultron Review or "There Are No Strings On Us..."

This past weekend we saw the release of what could be the most profitable movie of the entire year with Avengers: Age of Ultron finally hitting theaters. Joss & the MCU crew did not disappoint, as they brought the noise in what is considered the culmination of phase 2 of the Marvel movies. The whole team is in the house, with some additions, and a boatload of baddies to cause the gang some strife. And lets not forget the piece de resistance: Scarlet Johanson in all her Black Widow GLORY! Mercy, Mercy Me.... but I digress. Jedi Rob, Mike D and special guest of the podcast Leland James take some time to talk about Marvel's latest opus as well as what we feel might be on the way. It was worth the wait, now here us talk it up!

May 4, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #50!!! -The CCD Film Club Presents Our "Predator" Commentary Track (With Video !!!)

Five long years ago I started Cultural Compulsive Disorder, and I had a vision. I wanted my blog to be HUGE right away. I wanted to be Topless Robot, Cal's Cave of Cool, Freddy In Space or Super Punch... but without all the hard work that the guys that put those sites together had put in. I wanted it THEN... and I WANTED IT QUICK. But that is not how it works. So I busted my ass trying to load up this blog with content. 5-7 posts a day, 25-35 posts a week. Covering NY Comic Con, throwing events, making connects.... reaching out to a bunch of the guys that ran the sites above (whattup Cal & Johnny!) so that I can get some pointers. I tried to surround myself with a kick ass team of co-contributors who all believed in our brand and making it huge. And then I wrote this on Facebook:

Yup... I had a feeling we can achieve big things. Guess I was right! (more after the jump)

April 17, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #49 - The Best "Glimpse" Movies Ever or "I Wish I Were BIG!"

"Glimpse" movies are movies that take a step back from reality and allow the characters involved a chance to explore their lives through alternate events... think "A Christmas Carol" or "Big". The characters are given a new set of circumstances and then are left to ponder: Is life better in this new reality, or is it worse? These movies can come with different plot devices or themes, but the goal is for the characters to evaluate themselves and their life an ultimately APPRECIATE what they have! So we decided to take a look back at some of the greatest "Glimpse" movies that have ever existed. Enjoy the awesome episode featuring Jedi Rob, Alicia, and Mike D after the jump...

April 10, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #48 - The Best Pop-Culture Duos of the 1980s or "Whose Ready For CCD's 3rd Art Show???"

It is that time again folks, The CCD Art & Supply Co. is throwing our 3rd live art show and the topic this time is dope! A Fine Pair: Pop Culture Duos of the 80s will feature 15 amazing art pieces from local NY artists who have picked their favorite "pair" or "duo" of the 1980s. It could be music, movies, or TV... or anything else for that matter! So the ultimate podcast duo of Jedi Rob & Mike D sit down and scroll through all the properties that were hit on by the artists, previewing the show. We also talk up a bunch of the duos who didn't make the cut! Another great look back in time by The CCD Podcast! Enjoy it after the jump...

March 29, 2015

Inspector Gadget Returns Via Netflix... Oh Boy!

Netflix is pretty amazing, and their original programming has been pretty spot on over the past few months. House of Cards Season 3 was boss, Marco Polo was pretty great, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is fucking hilarious. But their newest foray into exclusive programming has 80 babies like myself kind of excited. Inspector Gadget was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, you just had to love the goofiness of it. It reminded me a lot of the Pink Panther movies starring Peter Sellers. Penny and Brain the dog were the real detectives, while bumbling Inspector Gadget meandered around NOT solving crimes. Dr. Claw was an amazing villain, and who didn't love all the cool stuff the Inspector had in his hat/coat arsenal? A Helicopter Hat... wait, what? This show was fantastic. A few years back in Australia a company called DHX Media created a new series of cartoons continuing the story, and Netflix has acquired the complete series for exclusive streaming. I am not to big of a fan of the CGI cartoons nowadays, but I am willing to give it a shot... I owe it to my 5 year old self. Check out a few stills after the jump, and tell us what you think about this new incarnation...

March 25, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #47 - The Wrestlemania 31 Preview or "C'mon Cena.... Will You Just Turn Heel Already?!?"

Wrestlemania is here baby... #31 to be exact! So who better to run down the card and all that is going down in anticipation of the big show than Jedi Rob, Joey Esq and the one and only Steve Resk from the SRG Universe Super Show Wrestling Unpredictable Card Game! These guys know their wrestling, and they ain't afraid to talk about it. So sit back and take a listen to the gang chop it up.... enjoy!

March 13, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #46 - The Best Bars in Pop Culture or 'Bottoms Up... It's Time To Get... Get Your Drink On!

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner and our good friends over at the Irish Haven gearing up to serve 150+ pounds of Corned Beef and Cabbage FOR FREE to their Brooklyn customers we thought it was only right to focus an episode of the podcast on the best bars and bar scenes in pop culture history. Movie bars, TV bars, bars in songs... there is a spot for every watering hole that you can remember! This was a fun episode to record... a boozy one too! Jedi Rob, Mike D, and the lovely Alicia Gomes POUR over all the selections (see what I did there.... pour... hehehehe) in the latest installment of The CCD Podcast. Bottoms up... have a healthy and happy St. Pats! If you happen to be in Sunset Park, Brooklyn on March 17th make sure you stop in to fill your belly with free grub and a pint of the best Guinness in Brooklyn. Tell Matt that CCD sent ya! Enjoy the ep after the jump....

March 6, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #45 - "In Defense Of..." Vol. 2 or "Trust Us, Not Rotten Tomatoes.... This Movie Is A Classic!"

We are barreling towards our big Episode #50 EXTRAVAGANZA and we are very excited, so this week we decided to re-visit one of the more popular topics of an early episode and see if lightning can strike twice. In our previous "In Defense Of..." episode of the show Jedi Rob (Ghostbusters 2), Mike D (Michael Bay) and Joey Esq (Return of the Jedi) each laid out a perfectly crafted argument extolling the merits of their above clients.Ya see, a movie/director/actor-actress doesn't necessarily have to be BAD or A BOMB to be defended. Nope.... in this age of Internet trolling even classic films get a bum rap on certain aspects. Afterward compelling arguments were made, and lots of chatter occurred with people over the 'Net about our opinions. So we are going back to do it again... Jedi Rob (Super Mario Brothers: The Movie), Mike D (Hudson Hawk), and Tommy Lombardozzi (Last Action Hero) all go to bat for things that they love but others may loathe. It was another great episode! Check it out after the jump....

February 24, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #44 - Great Out of Character Performances or "Steve Carell and His Giant Fake Foxcatcher Nose Were Robbed... Robbed I Say!!!"

Having an Oscar Hangover? I have the perfect solution for you... how about a little CCD Podcast for your listening pleasure! In Episode #44 Jedi Rob checks back in with filmmaker Leland James and the lovely Mrs. Alicia Gomes to discuss the best "out of character" performances of all time... You know, like when the funny comedian plays a psycho killer or the seriously dramatic actress plays a dumb blonde airhead... another words, actors/actresses trying to be different! Just another great episode from the CCD gang.... Steve Carell and his giant fake Foxcatcher nose were robbed! Enjoy after the jump...