August 29, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode 19.5 - Ghostbusters Review or "The 30th Anniversary Of The Greatest Movie Of Our Generation Is Upon Us!!!"

Ghostbusters.... wow, what really needs to be said about this classic movie? Nothing I can think of saying could even begin to do it justice. On the eve of it's 30th Anniversary and re-release for a short time in theaters, we here at the CCD Podcast decided to throw down a quick .5 episode singing the praises of one the best movies ever made. For 80's babies, like us, it is the pinnacle. So please allow Jedi Rob, Mike D and the lovely Alicia Gomes to  gush a bit about one of the greatest comedies of ALL TIME!!!

August 28, 2014

Takin You Back… Way Back: Spiral Zone by Joe Esq

Well, well, well, what have we here? Another installment of my award winning (in my head) column, Taking You Back… Way Back. That’s right kids; I’m thawed out of carbon freeze, and ready to drop some more obscure 80’s toy knowledge on your heads. This time around I’m tackling Tonka’s 1987 foray into the boy’s action figure market, Spiral Zone. Ride into the Zone with me, after the jump…

AHS: Freakshow Gets It's First Cast Poster... I Am Officially Creeped The FUCK Out!!!!

'American Horror Story' is a hell of a show, and through three seasons the show is always a surprisingly fresh take on the horror TV show genre. Using an anthology format, each season is a self-contained story and has no baring on the previous one. They also recycle cast members, often re-casting them in extremely different roles than they played in the past seasons. The show is a breath of fresh air among the many horror genre series we are getting now due to the success of 'True Blood' and 'The Walking Dead'. So in Season 4, they have to amp things up even more... and we get 'AHS: Freakshow'!!! H-O-L-YYYYY SHIT! We are getting returners: Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Frances Conroy, Emma Roberts, Dennis O'Hare, and many others... and the new people are equally impressive: Patti LaBelle, Michael Chicklis, John Caroll Lynch, Finn Witrock, and even the worlds smallest woman, Jyoti Amge!!! This premise (The inner workings of one of the last remaining freakshows in America, and there is some spooky shit happening behind the scenes!) bugs me out, and in typical AHS fashion I am sure whatever I am expecting will be the total opposite of what I actually get. Just look at this first full cast poster... perfect! Enjoy it after the jump, and the show starts Wed October 8th!

August 27, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #19 - The Best Simpsons Episodes Ever or 'You Don't Like The Simpsons? Well.... Eat My Shorts & Go Do The Bartman, Man...'

The Simpsons are a culture touchstone for most people who watched any TV in the last quarter century. For us 80s babies it was the hugest phenomenon of our youth... A prime time cartoon that was embraced by EVERYONE, old... young.... it didn't matter. Everyone was rocking Bartman shirts and chanting 'Eat My Shorts' and many of the other hundreds of quotes that Simpsons fans throw out at each other to this day. FXX is in the middle of an epic marathon that is showing all 500+ episodes in a row, in sequential order. So we at the CCD Podcast felt it was time to pay our respects, and the team we assembled to do it are some of the biggest Simpsons fans around. Jedi Rob is joined by Big Steve & Joey Esq as they take a trip down memory lane into Springfield. Enjoy some awesome Simpsons art courtesy of Deviant Art after the jump, and then listen to the podcast. Please do us a favor and head over to Itunes... then Subscribe, Download, Listen and SHAREEEEEEEE on your favorite Social Media platform!!!!!!!

Chelsea Handler Says Goodbye To E! In The Only Way She Knows How...

Chelsea Handler has filmed over 1300 episodes over 7 years as the late night host of her E! Television talk show 'Chelsea Lately'. She pretty much came out of nowhere and carved out a niche spot in the late night game with a pretty popular following. Her brash humor and willingness to be self depreciating for the sake of the jokes made her lovable, and the fact that she constantly bigged up her faults as part of her comedy bits showed the human side of her. That makes her lovable and also a fan fave. So in typical Chelsea fashion, when it was time to part ways with the E! Network on her final show Chelsea decided to go out with a bang. She assembled a HUGE, star studded cast to do her own version of 'We Are The World' called 'Goodbye To E!'. She wasn't playing either, she broke out the big guns. Gwen Stefani, Dave Grohl, Fergie, Miley Cyrus, 50 Cent and the G Unit, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morrissette, LeAnn Rymes, Tim Allen, Sandra Bullock, Tim Gunn, Melissa McCarthy, Johnny Knoxville, and Kelly Osbourne are just a handful of the names who packed the stage to wish Chelsea well on her way and aslo get in some last minute Chelsea-rific digs at E! and anyone else she wanted to (Kim & Kanye.... watch your neck!). Check out the performance after the jump....

August 26, 2014

Sketch Lottery Gets 'Hare-y' With Last Weeks Entry: Usagi Yojimbo!!!!

I have never hid my love for Stan Sakai and his wondrous contribution to the world of comics, samurai rabbit Usagi Yojimbo. I love the character, and always had a soft spot for his depiction in comics and other mediums as well. Most people know Usagi from his stint as a supporting character in TMNT, but he has a long and detailed publication history in his own books that deserves to be highlighted. Well my good friend (and fellow Usagi enthusiast) Tommy Lombardozzi decided to enter Yojimbo into the pool of entries at Sketch Lottery... and last week he was chosen as the subject! So 27 artists gave it a shot, and the results are amazing!!! I picked out my faves (after the jump), but you should click here and check out all 27. Also make sure you check back to Sketch Lottery every Friday for next weeks subject, and check back in all week as they post all the entries start pouring in. Enjoy the art, these guys did Stan Sakai proud....

August 25, 2014

Critical Hits Cocktails Takes Over Geek & Sundry Vlogs To Make Your Geek Drinking Dreams Come True...

Geek and Sundry Vlogs has a stable of great geek related videos over at their Youtube page. That is a given... but some are definitely more appealing to my particular geek sensibilities than others. Critical Hit Cocktails does just that, with host Mitch Hutts, takes nerd friendly characters and properties and comes up with awesome drink recipes to satisfy your geeky palate. They make both alcoholic and non alcoholic recipes, and the best part is that if you take some of their non alcoholic drinks and just add a spirit of your choice you can still get a buzz out of it! These are great, and Hutts minds the classics for his inspiration. TMNT, Harry Potter... hell, the newest video is a Star Lord inspired drink, which is fitting since Guardians of the Galaxy is killing it right now. The best part is the instructions are easy to follow and the ingredients are simple and easy to obtain. So in just a few minutes you can turn yourself into the Nerdiest Mixologist of all time! All of them are fun, so make sure you check em all out... I will be making some of these behind the bar this weekend, so I will let you know how they shake out!

Street Art Meets Super Heroes In Artist Dillon Boy's Work....

There is nothing I enjoy more than finding a cool artists work on Instagram or the Internet, no matter how late to the party I may be. Artist James 'Dillon Boy' Wright has been on the scene for a minute (his Obama 'Hope' poster concoction got him into Time Magazine way back in 2008) and I have seen a few of his pieces over the years. But I just found his Instagram page and was blown away by some of the work he had going on. He has a 'Western Grafitti' series that portrays some of your favorite superheroes in western style get-ups, guns a blazing. Then he has his crazy Disney princess re-creations, or his 'superheros meet real life' mash-ups like 'Nobody Likes The Thing' (my personal fave) which puts these extraordinary characters into real life situations (Thing is getting no likes or comments on Instagram... lol). His shit is dope... and like a typical creative artist he doesn't just stop at the actual artwork. If you look at the contents of his Instagram feed in grid format he takes close ups of his work and makes 6 and 9 square collages that supersize his pieces. A pretty great way to show of the detail of his pieces. So even though I may be a bit late to the party on Dillon Boy's work, it is never to late to give a cat his props when they are due. Check out his Big Cartel store, where you can cop some of his crazy cool art at a relatively cheap price for such a big shot artist. Check out my faves after the jump...

August 22, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #18 - The Best of WWE/WWF Summer Slam or 'I Don't Care If It's Fake And I Am Approaching 40.... I LOVE WRESTLING!!!'

So the WWE's second biggest event, Summer Slam, has just come and gone... and we here at the CCD Podcast felt it was time to touch on wrestling with a whole episode! For any kids growing up in the 80s the WWF/WWE phenomenon was a huge part of their growing up, so Jedi Rob tag teams up with Joey Esq and Steve the Big Truck (making his CCD Podcast debut) and breaks down this years Summer Slam as well as recapping many of the great moments from Summer Slam's past. All in all a fun little trip that will bring you back to the times of the Hulkster, Sean Michaels, Brett Hart, Randy Macho Man, The Ultimate Warrior, Jake the Snake, Mega Bucks, Mega Powers, and so much more.... OHHHHHHH YEAHHHHH!!!!

August 15, 2014

Tommy Lombardozzi Does An Awesome Rocky... Um, I Mean ROCKET Raccoon Variant Cover For Me!!!!


With Guardians of the Galaxy doing gangbusters business in the cinemas right now, it is only to be expected that parent company Marvel Comics would make a push in print with all the characters involved. Rocket Raccoon, Star Lord, Guardians, Nova, and Thanos all have been playing major parts in the comic universe through individual titles... and characters from the "cosmic" side of the Marvel Universe have been popping up in every major title. So on a trip to one of our local mom & pop comic shops (Pinocchio Comics in Brooklyn) I looked over and I seen a stack of Skottie Young's new Rocket Raccoon #1 variants sitting there. They had all 3: The one with Rocket with a huge gun, the one with Stan Lee, and a white blank cover. Now I am not one of those comic collectors that will get caught up trying to track down variants and chase covers... its not my style. But I have been talking to Tommy (resident artist here at CCD) about doing something with one of these... having him create me a unique cover image (a 1 of 1) that is hand drawn. But I have been waiting for the right one to come along, and since Rocket is one of my favorite characters ever and I started collecting monthly comics again with the launch of this particular title I figured now was as good as a time as any. So I bought it, turned over to Tommy, and awaited the results. My man TL did NOT disappoint.... he did a bang up job on this awesome cover, and took the character way back to it's roots as being inspired by the Beetles song "Rocky Raccoon". Great, just great.... TL also happened to snap some incredible WIP shots of his initial sketches and the finished product. So great... thank you my friend. This has definitely "Rocketed" to the top of my collection as one of my favorite books (see what I did there). Check em all out after the jump...