January 27, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #40.5 - CCD's Favorite Snowy Night Movies For Your Viewing Pleasure or Bring On The Snow, Just Don't Take Out My Netflix Connection!

So most of the NYC area (as well as other spots on the Eastern Seaboard) are being blessed with a day off of work and school due to the impending Snowpocalypse known as Winter Storm Juno. So in honor of the killer storm that might bury us all in snow, CCD's podcaster extraordinaire Jedi Rob decided to offer up some suggestions on what movies you guys may want to dig out of your home video collection or stream on Netflix during this weather crisis. I for one am ready and EAGER for a snow storm filled with binge movie watching and junk food eating! Who else is in? Check out the podcast after the jump, and stay warm/safe during this SNOWMEGEDON!

January 26, 2015

Today Is CCD's 5th Anniversary... WOW!!!!!!!

Hey guys... today is the 5th Anniversary of the creation of this here CCD blog. I had the idea for Cultural Compulsive Disorder when I was sitting alone in my apartment one night checking emails. Me and a few of the guys were bouncing emails back and forth about cool stuff we found online. Things like dope art, cool nerdy T Shirts, or the newest movie trailer. These email threads would go on forever between my core group of friends.... so why not give a central place for us to go to and view all these stories? Hence the birth of CCD... and oh so far we have come. We went from a 20 post a week blog to a company that sports it's own Podcast, it's own bi-monthly art shows, and even a companion website to sell nerdy art created just for us! In the five years we have been around we have had over 3,500 POSTS, over 5,000 comments, and OVER 6,000,000 PAGEVIEWS... HOLY SHIT! 6 Million yo... who would thunk it? So this goes out to the whole CCD creative fam that ever composed a post, the CCD extended fam that comes to all our functions and supports us, all the readers of the blog, and even all the people who have ever shared one of our links on their favorite social media network... THANK ALL OF YOU VERY MUCH! CCD is on the upswing... but if it ended all RIGHT NOW it would be ok with me cause this is more then I could have ever imagined it becoming!

Thanks again gang... 5 years down, 55 more to GO!

Mike D.
Creator of Cultural Compulsive Disorder

January 23, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #40 - The 2015 CCD Fam Pop Culture Preview

Hey guys, thanks for sticking with us through over 50+ total episodes of The CCD Podcast. This is full length episode #40 (there are a bunch of .5 eps that put our total over 50!) and in this one the gang take a look at all that is to come from pop culture in 2015... Jedi Rob, the lovely Alicia Gomes, and Mr. Mike D all take a gander at what's on the docket in movies, tv, music and much more! Marvel news, Star Wars, etc... If it's geeky and out in 2015 we talk about it! So jump on in with 2 feet and kick off the second calendar year of the CCD Podcast!

January 16, 2015

The CCD Podcast: #39.5 - And The Nominees Are...

The 87th Academy Award nominations are upon us and CCD certainly have their opinions. A few surprises, a few WTFs and few zzzzzzzzzzzzzs. Alicia, Rob and new CCD Family member Leland James dish out their opinions and picks. One thing we can all agree on is...Keaton, Keaton KEATON!!!

The "KEATONISSANCE" is upon us!

January 11, 2015

When Will It Stop: Why Are All The Nerds On The Internet Hating On The Ant Man Trailer? - A CCD Rant by Mike D

As I sat in my favorite bar n Brooklyn, the Irish Haven, watching Agent Carter with a few of my customers that are nerds like me I began to get excited. As the first hour came to a close (on a pretty great show, cause you know its Marvel...) I was anticipating the premiere of the Ant Man trailer. But then they announced that there was another hour of Agent Carter coming. Wait... what? How did I miss this? It was a 2 hour premiere? Ok... 1 more hour to anticipate the trailer. Hour 2 of Agent Carter was even better, and boy oh boy it was 9:55 Pm and we were finally here. It started... and I was completely breathless for 90 seconds. Trying to take it all in, I didn't want to miss a thing. And as I turned to my friends at the bar, they seemed about as jazzed as I was. I couldn't wait till the next morning when it hit the 'Net and I could get a proper breakdown (like this great one from the Den of Geeks!) of the whole packed trailer screenshot by screenshot. So imagine my surprise when I saw a bunch of my friends (and fellow nerds) on FB bashing the 90 second trailer, and then found a majority of articles doing the same... WHAAAAATTTT??? I can understand why a non comic fan might not be excited, but what did all these (supposed) informed nerds watch to be so mad about? I felt a rant brewing, and after a few days I have to unleash....

More after the jump...

January 7, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #39 -The Best Of 2014 According To The CCD Fam or "You Know You Want To Know What Us Tastemakers Think..."

Hey gang... it has been an eventful year for us here at the CCD Podcast. We got a ton of episodes in the can, we got a chance to do some live shows from cool locations, and we even got more exciting stuff on the horizon for 2015! But before we move forward, we must take a look back at the 2014 year that was and weigh in across the board. We take a look at movies, TV, and even a bit of music... yup, we got it all for you on the "2014 Best Of According To CCD" list. So buckle up and enjoy the year that was... it was going a good one for sure!!!

December 25, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #38.5 - The Best Christmas Songs EVER or "Have Yourself A Merry Little Playlist..."

Here is a little .5 Episode of the CCD Podcast that sheds a little light on the things we like to listen to during the holiday season. There are some classics, some new hits, a little bit of everything for everyone. We here at the CCD Podcast & Blog hope you and yours have a fantastic Christmas, and listen to all the tunes you can during the Holiday season cause its going to be 11 more months till we hear them again....

On The First Day Of Christmas, CCD Gave To Me....

.... Sco Jo ON REPEAT!!!!! Scarlet Johanson is by far my biggest celebrity crush, the woman who I love the most from Hollywood. She is stunning. And in my opinion she has taken THE HOTTEST Christmas pic ever (the last photo on this post!). I hope you all have enjoyed the 5th Annual 12 Days of Sexy Christmas-y Women here on CCD. Merry Christmas for 2014 and beyond... we love you guys!!!!!

December 24, 2014

On The 2nd Day of Christmas, CCD Gave To Me....

... a Roberts with a name that starts with E!!! I love me some Emma Roberts, have since she was a little kid. I think she is a GREAT actress. Not good, great. But she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady and I think she deserves to be highlighted right here. So Merry Christmas Emma.... and enjoy the pics after the jump. One more day left...

December 23, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #38 - Our Favorite Christmas Movies or "Christmas Vacation and A Bunch Of Other 2nd Place Movies..."

This time of year always brings back memories to childhood. The pressure of filling out your Christmas list, the anticipation of how much of that list would be fulfilled... it was a magical time. The food, the family... all of that contributes to the holiday spirit. But here at the CCD Podcast we feel that there is one other aspect we must focus on... THE FILMS!!!! Christmas movies are a rare breed. If they are great, they get an immortality that is hard to top. Miracle on 34th St... damn, that movie is like 80 years old! But people still love it. So we decided to put together a little list of our favorite Christmas films... with a certain geek flair and fun that we have come to love. And yes, Christmas Vacation is on the list. But what else? Check it out after the jump and have a listen to see what Jedi Rob, Alicia, and Mike D have to say....