September 18, 2014

Tim Burton Is Back With 'Big Eyes'... This Is What I WANT TO SEE FROM HIM!

Tim Burton has always been an intriguing director to me, and I certainly do love a bunch of his films. 'Beetlejuice', 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure', 'Batman', 'Edward Scissorhands', 'Ed Wood', and 'Big Fish' are some of my favorite films. But he has had some mis-steps, lately, and people are beginning to tire of a 50-something year old director who won't really expand his style and keeps making films with a child-like quality to them. But with his next entry, 'Big Eyes', he seems to be shooting for that "real" quality that he did so well in 'Ed Wood' and 'Big Fish'...and it looks awesome! It tells the true life story of artists Walter (Christoph Waltz) and Margret (Amy Adams) Keane. Walter became famous for paintings that he supposedly drew of children with huge eyes, but in reality the artistic genius was that of his wife, Margaret. They built an empire on a lie, and this is the story on how it affected them in their lives. It looks amazing, and it has an insane supporting cast: Danny Houston, Kristen Ritter, and Jason Scwartzman ...just to name a few. This is the kind of thing I would like to see Burton do more often and I think this kind of movie will go a long way in repairing his image. Let's hope so. Check out the trailer after the jump...

September 17, 2014

'Spawn: The Recall' - More Proof That Fan Films Can Be Totally Amazing

I love a good fan film, and I hate when people talk shit about them as not real movies. They are a painstaking process, the same as making a regular movie. And they have the added pressure of portraying a character that is beloved, or at the very least well known. There have been many good ones, but so far one of the best that I have seen has to be 'Spawn: The Recall' by Michael Paris. The film is a nice length (7 minutes), and features one of the best portrayals of Spawn I have ever seen. The face looks amazing, especially the eyes. The effects are great, and I think Mr. Paris accomplished in 7 short minutes what no one else has with this particular character. I hope you enjoy it after the jump...

September 15, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode 21 - The 2014 Fall TV Preview or 'Comic Books Will Now Also Invade Your TV Sets... Whether You Like It Or Not !!!'

As September creeps by and we make moves towards our favorite (horror filled) month of October it is hard not to notice all of the brand spanking new TV shows hitting the airwaves on networks. This season seems to be mimicking the box office trends, because there are tons of new Comic Book themed properties on the way. Agent Carter, The Flash, Constantine, and Gotham will join Arrow, The Walking Dead & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the comic book/superhero front. Jedi Rob, Mike D, and Alicia also talk Hannibal, The Mindy Project, Boardwalk Empire, The New Girl, Sons of Anarchy, Selfie, American Horror Story: Freakshow and a whole lot more... get them DVR's ready, cause there are too many shows to watch live each night!  Please make sure you head over to Itunes so that you can Subscribe, Download, Listen and then SHARE on your favorite Social Networking platform.

What Happens When Voice Actors Dress Up Like The Characters They Voice? Magic Baby.... Pure Magic!!!

Voice Acting has become a huge way for actors to make money. What used to be a niche market and a side gig for celebs has quickly become a guaranteed money maker. And with the success of animated films due to Pixar and Dreamworks (they make cash money baby!) lots of celebs are getting bigger checks for these roles as well. So the A listers are making their way to these roles. The same can be said for TV. While back in the day many "FILM" actors would never take a TV role.... now it seems these "FILM" actors are dying to book a reoccurring series. So it gets even cooler when these actors and actresses decide to make public appearances as these characters. Just a little cherry on top for all the fans who love them in these roles. Check em all out after the jump....

September 14, 2014

Will 'John Wick' Put Keanu Back On The Action Movie Map?

There used to be a clear cut definition of the calender when it came to movie releasing. Studios put out their garbage and postponed movies from the previous year from Feb-May, June to Aug was Summer Blockbuster Season, October was horror movie release month, and Nov through Jan was Award Season release and rewards (the movies that win get rewarded with long post Oscar runs into Feb). It was pretty set in stone, and rarely did studios vary from this formula. So Feb-May and the month of Sept-Oct were dumping grounds for unsure products. But now Summer movie season has been pushed back to the END OF APRIL... and Awards season is following suit by releasing films in the wee weeks of September for your consideration. Studios are even getting huge hits in March & April with movies like 300... so it doesn't really matter anymore WHEN a movie is coming out. So when I heard about Keanu Reeves new hit man movie 'John Wick', a movie releasing on October 24th, for the first time in mid September I got a bit nervous. This must be a crap film, a dump... right? But it took just a 2.5 minute trailer to convince me otherwise. This movie is not going to be a summer blockbuster... nor will it be Oscar bait. So why not squeeze what looks like a cool, competent movie right in the middle of those two seasons? I think this movie can be a great one for Reeves, and even though it might not make mad money it will do a lot for his cred. And what a great supporting cast: Adrianne Palicki, Bridgette Moynahan, Ian McShane, Willem Dafoe, John Leguizamo, and Alfie 'Theon Geryjoy' Allen himself.... wow! Need more proof? Check out the trailer for yourself before you judge...

September 13, 2014

Just Another Reason For Me To Love Simon Pegg....

I adore Simon Pegg and everything he has done professionally. I also feel like he is a true "geek" in his own personal life and loves the culture as only a true fan from childhood can. So when he appeared on Sirius Radio's show 'Unmasked' and relayed a story about the first time he showed his 3 year old daughter A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, it juts drives home the point that he is someone who "gets it" and should be looked towards for opinions by big wigs on what geeks may want to be included/excluded from projects to come. Check out the story after the jump and how it may have influenced JJ Abrams in his production choices for Star Wars VII (a movie that Pegg is not even billed as appearing in!). I love this man....

September 10, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #20.5 - 'No Holds Barred' .5 Movie Review or "And Now Introducing... DEBOOOOOO!!!!"

No Holds Barred is one of the greatest hot messes to ever make it to the movie screen. At the height of the WWF's success in 1989, Vince McMahon put his biggest star Hulk Hogan in a movie that the WWF produced. They also introduced ole Debo himself, Zeus aka Tiny Lister. And that is where the wheels really come off.... this madcap wrestling flick is one of the late 80s greatest gems... so Jedi Rob, Steve and Joey Esq break it on down for ya. A small, short, .5 episode for that ass... What ya gonna do, when Hulk let's those 24 inch PYTHONS loose on you!!!!

September 4, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #20 - The Best 'Back to School' Movies Ever or "Back To School, Back To School... To Prove To Rob That Mike D's Not A Fool"

It is the time of year that we dreaded as kids... it is time to head back to school! Kids everywhere are headed back to the classroom, and they are not very happy about it. Hollywood has never been shy on shining the light on the educational system and those involved in it on any level, so we here at the CCD Podcast decided to take a trip down memory lane reminiscing about the best 'Back to School' movies ever. Jedi Rob is joined in The Nerd Cave by Mike D & the lovely Alicia Gomes, and we go through the classics: Billy Madison, Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, Clueless, and many many more. So no matter how old you are, it is always good to think back on the magical days of school time. No grab a Snack Pack and check out the podcast & this weeks art after the jump....

September 3, 2014

The ABC's Of Death 2 Gets A Red Band Trailer... Yup, This Looks Even More Fucked Up Then The First One!

Good lawd.... The ABC's of Death was an interesting take on a anthology horror film. 26 directors took there shots in 2-5 minute short film that could be in any medium possible. The only thing they all had in common was that they all were given a letter, and they must chose a word to describe the type of death that would be featured in their segment. Like A is for Apocalypse, B is for Bigfoot... you get the idea. The direct to VOD release was a huge success and the word of mouth behind it made it spread like wild fire. Sure, some of the segments were great and some sucked... they all weren't for everyone. But they were all pretty good, and very original. It was also cool to see all the type of mediums the directors used, as well as the different style of directing from segment to segment. So like any good horror film that is successful, it is getting a sequel. The ABC's of Death 2 features 26 new directors for another trip down the alphabet... and these look even better (by better I mean more bizarre and sicker) than the original. I can get behind this... the film will be released on VOD on October 2nd, and will also have a limited theatrical run around Halloween. Will you be checking it out? Check out the red band trailer after the jump...

August 29, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode 19.5 - Ghostbusters Review or "The 30th Anniversary Of The Greatest Movie Of Our Generation Is Upon Us!!!"

Ghostbusters.... wow, what really needs to be said about this classic movie? Nothing I can think of saying could even begin to do it justice. On the eve of it's 30th Anniversary and re-release for a short time in theaters, we here at the CCD Podcast decided to throw down a quick .5 episode singing the praises of one the best movies ever made. For 80's babies, like us, it is the pinnacle. So please allow Jedi Rob, Mike D and the lovely Alicia Gomes to  gush a bit about one of the greatest comedies of ALL TIME!!!