April 24, 2014

'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' Gets A Trailer.... Only Took 9 YEARS !!!

I remember being super excited to see Robert Rodriguez's version of Sin City back in 2005... I had read the books, and since this was the early days of Internet there was not a lot to go on in terms of what to expect. After all, they were a bunch of Sin City books and you couldn't really tell which ones they would be adapting. While I was really happy with the stories they did use for part 1 of the film, I did really want to see 'A Dame To Kill For' hit the screen. The movie was a huge success, and considering the rising stock of comic movies at the time I thought for sure we would see a sequel shortly. I couldn't wait to see the cast reunite in Basin City... and a sequel was announced early on. But as time dragged on, all we were given were rumors... no actual filming, no progress on the project. It seemed like a fantasy project, one that was often talked about by everyone rumored to be involved but never actually realizing its potential. And then the stories started pouring out last year about filming starting, and that 'A Dame To Kill For' would be the meat of the story being adapted for the film. I was over the moon... I couldn't wait. And then yesterday during the NBA playoffs I caught the first trailer for the film. Yup, exactly what I needed in my life. It looks the same (which is a good thing, even though it takes place 9 years later) and feels the same, and that makes me very happy. Seeing old faces like Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Powers Boothe, and others made me very content... and seeing new faces like Ava Green, Joesph Gordon Levitt & Josh Brolin made the film something I yearned for even more. I can't even begin to express how excited I am. I will be re-reading my over sized library editions of my Sin City books in preparation, and I can't wait to see what Rodriguez and co-director Frank Miller have for us this time around. if it is a success, lets hope it doesn't take another decade to get out number 3. Check out the trailer after the jump...

Meet Rick Genest, The Most Tattooed Man On Earth...

Even though this is an ad campaign for make-up, I thought my fellow nerds would enjoy it immensely. I recently caught the Keanu Reeves flick '47 Ronin' and was pleasantly surprised by the mystical kung-fu flick and what it had to offer. It was high action, a great story, and had some interesting characters... none more interesting that Rick Genest. He was great with all his tattoos, and looked awesome on screen. if you don't know, Rick is covered from head to toe in tattoos. They are mostly of the skeletal variety, leading to Rick being nicknamed 'Zombie Boy' & 'Skull Boy'. When some people see him all tatted up it may make them gasp and wonder what the hell is wrong with him. But makeup company DermaBlend Pro did not see it that way... they saw a great opportunity to use his tattoos as a perfect example of the age old adage 'You can't judge a book by it's cover'. They put Rick through a full cover up of his tats, filmed it, and then came up with a crazy commercial on just how amazing their makeup is. The resulting video was great... and proves the above saying to a T. It is pretty cool, so check it out after the jump...

April 23, 2014

A CCD Rant by Joe Esq: Am I The Only Nerd Who Gets Annoyed...

... When they change stuff in the comic book to make it match the movies? Ok look, I understand the corporate robot-think that leads to comic book companies doing this, but I find it contemptible and I'll never agree with it. And that's not just nerd-rage talking, the way I see it, its a really shortsighted and stupid thing to do.

Natalie Dormer Shaved Her Head... And Looks Even Hotter Now Than EVER!!!

Natalie Dormer is a piece. That is not debatable. The chick is a hottie, and has been since the minute she appeared on The Tudors. As Anne Boleyn she was sexy, smart and a very good actress. And she has been piecing together a pretty solid career since. But she is on the precipices of greatness due to her current roles as Margarie Tyrell on Game of Thrones, as well as her upcoming role of Cressida in part 3 of the Hunger Games, Mockingjay. On Game of Thrones she is important, but her role in the Hunger Games is huge... and she is making sacrifices for it. One of those sacrifices was shaving her beautiful locks... or at least half if them off for the role. She is rocking the look expertly, and boy oh boy does she look good doing it. Check out here recent GQ spread as well as some red carpet pics of the gorgeous Dormer showing off her new hairdo. God I love this chick. Enjoy the pics after the jump....

Bill Murray x Modok by David Branstetter

David Branstetter is just like any other independent graphic artist that wants to break into the comic world. Check that... most guys that are trying to break into comics want to be down with the kings: Marvel, DC, Image, etc. But from reading Branstetter's blog it is apparent that this isn't his goal at all... he wants to get his own work, Straw Man, and other original ideas out there for people to see. His Straw Man strip is pretty great, and you can see much more of it by clicking here. He is also contributing to Comic Book Resources 'The Line Is Drawn' weekly art round up, which always produces some great stuff. But when I came across his Deviant Art page (click here to see his stuff, its amazing!) I found this killer mash up piece that tickled me inside, because it is completely off kilter yet works so well after it was executed. What do you get when you mix floating head super villain Modok with the one and only film legend Bill Murray? Check after the jump to see for yourself....

April 21, 2014

Gameboy Turns 25.... Wow, I'm Getting Old!!!

I remember the time of year vividly. It was closing in on Spring of 1989.... I was just passed my 10th bday, and was still obsessing over my Christmas gifts. I was starting to drift away from toys (I remember getting my last toy gifts being of the TMNT and Batman the Movie variety) and more towards video games totally. Sega Genesis was on the horizon, and Nintendo was at its peak stride. There were so many games... and all were better than the other. Improvements were coming rapidly, and I remember vividly wearing out my NES Max & NES Advantage controllers playing for hours on end. But that was when the video game market was about to get turned on its ear. Commercials started to fill the Saturday morning airwaves for a new video game system.... not another console system, but something quite different. A hand-held game system that promised 8 bit graphics (the same as your home NES system) and a way to play a friend head to head on your own separate systems. It was to be called GameBoy... and I wanted one terribly.

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April 11, 2014

RIP Ultimate Warrior - Off To The Squared Circle In The Sky

As I said in my Wrestlemania review, coming out of this weekend, I was more excited to be a wrestling fan than I have been in a very long time. Unfortunately, that excitement has been tempered by the sad and untimely passing of the Ultimate Warrior this past Tuesday. If you were a wrestling fan in the late 80's and early 90's, then the Ultimate Warrior was part of your fandom, no question. Personally, I was a Randy Savage kid. In fact, my fandom of the big three went Savage, then Hogan, and then Warrior. But even with that said, Warrior's passing is definitely another little part of my childhood that’s now been snuffed out, and too early at that, because he was only 52 years old. He'd just mended his bridges with the WWE, was inducted into the Hall of Fame and was getting ready  to assume the role of some kind of goodwill ambassador with the company. And again, even though I was never the biggest Warrior fan, I was definitely looking forward to seeing what this would entail.
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The Ladies Of DC Comics Take A Trip Back To The 1940s Thanks To Ant Lucia

Ant Lucia is an accomplished artist that has a dope website and very unique style to his pieces. He gets the 'pin up' feel to everything he draws, and the realism in his work is balanced out by the fun nature of the characters poses and surroundings. It is not so serious, which makes all that he does really dope. Case in point: Check out his new series of DC Heroines and Villains with a 1940s feel. These are perfect, and the setting and background that each character is placed into fit wonderfully. And the ladies... well the ladies are looking pretty spectacular themselves. And the coolest part is the website QxM is offering these prints in a huge 18 x 24 format for a mere $ 14.95 !!! That is really cheap considering how big that print is. There are 10 all together, but some are available for purchase now and some are just available for pre-order to be shipped down the road. Either way, you can't go wrong for 15 bucks.... you can click here to check out the specific page on QxM to order Lucia's DC Bombshells, and you can view them all after the jump....

April 10, 2014

Hulk vs Superman by Ryan Ottley

It is the age old question that DC Comics and Marvel Comics fans toss at each other like grenades... who would win in a fight, Hulk or Superman? Most people are quick to offer an answer, but if you really delve into both super heroes invulnerability powers and epic strength it becomes a much harder question to ponder. A few years back I posted a crazy CGI fan film that put the Green Monster vs the Kryptonian Madman, and it points out just how hard it is for either dude to win. But it is fun to see others opinions on the situation, and who better to weigh in on this than one of CCD's favorite comic artist, Invincible's Ryan Ottley. Ottley is a fantastic artist, and one of his latest posts to his Deviant Art page (click here to check his Deviant page, it is pretty amazing) tackles the subject in a way that I certainly didn't expect. Do you think Ottley picked Hulk, or Supes? Here is a hint: It plays out the way I WOULD HOPE IT WOULD.... Check after the jump to find out for yourself.

Castle Greyskull Lego Build by Owen Burnett

I have great memories of my childhood, especially all the toys that were available to kids for them to play with. The late 70s/early 80s were a golden age of toys & action figures. All you have to do is search Joe Esq's 'Takin' You Back' columns on CCD to hear all about them. But those memories are all present in people my age... so any callback to those days always puts a smile on my face. While I had many loves when it comes to toy lines of my youth, one stands out among all the rest: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe !!! It was a great cartoon, and even better toy line. The figures were very much like their cartoon counterparts, they had killer vehicles and weapons, and the line was super expansive... yup, they pretty much made a toy of every character. But the highlight of the line were the Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain play sets. Those two castles were to cool for their own good. They were big play sets that can be used with multiple figures (which was impressive because He-Man figures were much bigger than any others on the market. While Snake Mountain, with its sinister looks and spooky voice mic, was a better play set (in my humble opinion)... Castle Greyskull was majestic, and it was such a well executed replica of the original from the cartoon. So when my buddy, Reddit master Joe Fletch, sent me over this epic He-Man Lego build of Castle Greyskull.... well, lets huts say it warmed the cockles of my heart. The best parts have to be the Lego mini figs that were created for this build. They are beautiful (Jeff Bond, what say you on these given you're area of expertise). You can see all the pics by clicking on this Owen Burnett's Imgur page, and you can see my faves after the jump...