October 21, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #26 - The "Halloween" Movie Retrospective - Part 1 or "Death? You Don't Know What DEATH Is!!!!"

If we are going to talk any movies here at the CCD Podcast during the month of October we are going to have address the Halloween franchise. Considering the fact that co-founder of the podcast Jedi Rob is absolutely OBSESSED with the franchise, it is not a surprise that he has chosen the epic horror for one of our patented CCD Podcast Retrospectives!!! Jedi Rob grabbed our old buddy Steven Graves and good friend and old time contributor to the CCD Blog Kristen "KMG" Grillo to break down all of the movies, sequels, prequels, tv edits, remakes, outtakes, and anything else that makes up John Carpenter's signature franchise. This first installment of the Halloween Retrospective sees the gang take on Halloween I & II, both involving our good buddy Michael Myers... and they also delve into Hallloween III: Season of the Witch, a highly misunderstood movie that suffered from the lack of big bad Myers inclusion in the film. All in all, a great first start to the Halloween Retrospective. Make sure you check back through the course of the next few days for future installments on all the rest of the movies in the Halloween universe. Also, please check out the Itunes page where you can SUBSCRIBE, DOWNLOAD, LISTEN & SHARE the CCD Podcast on all your favorite forms of social media! Enjoy some cool Halloween I, II, and III art courtesy of Deviant Art after the jump alongside the podcast.... see ya in Haddonfield!!!!

October 18, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #25 - Our Favorite Anthology Horror TV Shows

We keep on going down the Horror Movie tunnel for the month of October with a look back at some of the best Anthology Horror TV shows of the past 50 years... yup, things are certainly going to get weird as we visit classic shows like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Alfred Hitchcock Presents as well as newer gems like Masters of Horror and Fear Itself. We take a trip to the Darkside, talk about Freddy & Jason's turn on TV, and even more... if you ever found yourself curled up on your couch, watching an anthology TV show and scared out of your wits... well, than this is the PODCAST FOR YOU!!!! Enjoy some former anthology TV show title cards and the streaming podcast after the jump, and make sure you click the link so that you can SUBSCRIBE, DOWNLOAD, LISTEN and SHARE the podcast through your favorite forms of social media!!! Enjoy ghouls and girls.....

October 6, 2014

This Was So Dope... The CCD Podcast Live At St. Mark's Comics Via Their Twitter Feed!!!

So apparently the gang from St. Mark's Comics was live tweeting our appearance at the store in which we kicked of NY Super Week by doing a live episode of the CCD Podcast. It was a great experience, and boy we had a lot of fun! It was really fantastic, and Mitch & the lovely ladies of St. Marks did a great job capturing the experience and live tweeting it. So check out the embedded tweets after the jump... hopefully you can enjoy it through pictures as much as we did!!!

The CCD Podcast: Episode #24 - Live On Location at St. Mark's Comics NYC For NY Super Week or 'Look Ma... Them CCD Boyz Done Made It Big!"

So here at CCD we have always been very involved with New York Comic Con. Since we started the blog over 4 years ago we have been privileged to receive press passes to the event and have done some wild and crazy shit live from the show floor! It has been a hell of a ride, and as we have grown... well, so have the Con itself. This year the folks over at NYCC started New York Super Week. NY Super Week is a week long countdown of events to the show itself, taking place at various locations throughout the city. The events vary in nature, with the one common bond being that they all relate to NY Comic Con. We were once again supremely lucky, as we were put into contact with the proprietor of one of the coolest comic book stores in NYC, St. Mark's Comics. Mitch (the owner) wanted to have us come into the store and do a show LIVE from the middle of the floor. Yup, right from the middle of the best comic store in NYC! Holy crap... and to make it even crazier, this was to be the KICK OFF event of the week at St. Marks. Wow, what an honor. We did the show, brought down the crew, and took over the store as only CCD could. We even made a co-host out of the owner, Mitch! Lots of fun comic themed talk, making new friends and doing it real big live and direct from an iconic spot... how was your Friday? Ours were great! Check the episode after the jump, and make sure you head over to ITunes and Subscribe, Download, Listen and SHARE the podcast on your favorite social media platforms! See you at NY Comic Con...

October 1, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #23 - CCD's Favorite Anthology Horror Movies or 'A Bunch Of Short Horror Stories Are Way Better Than Just One... No?'

Here at CCD we are a bit horror crazy, especially when we get to the month of October. October can be a bit crazy here... we got our All Horror Week coming up from October 24th - 31st, and we have a ton of posts headed your way in the next couple of weeks. But now we got ourselves a PODCAST... so you know we gonna be talkin' Horror Movies baby! Jedi Rob & Mike D sit down and crack open one of their favorite topics thus far: CCD's Favorite Horror Anthology Movies!!! The results are fantastic, spanning over 50 years. So make sure you click the link and head on over to ITunes. Once you are there, please do me a favor and Subscribe, Download, Listen and SHARE the podcast on your favorite SOCIAL MEDIA website. Enjoy a little anthology horror art after the jump as well:

Fantastic 'Halloween' Fan Film Makes You Wish This Animated Project Had Been Green Lit...

Federico D'Alessandro is a story board artist for Marvel Films. He has worked on a sick number of high profile projects: Cap, Thor, Avengers... yup, all the big guns. So when he had a shot to make a animated short in the hopes of selling himself to the 'Halloween' movie rights holders and get the rights to make a full length animated feature, he had to take his shot. While he was on post for the short, the negotiation with Platinum Dunes studios fell through. Even though it wasn't meant to be, D'Alessandro felt compelled to finish the short because he had loved the franchise so much. The result? This 'Halloween' Animatic!!! Check it out after the jump....

September 26, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #22 - 'The Best Movie Year Ever... 1989' or How The FUCK Did All These Movies Get Made In The Same Year???

1989... To paraphrase ole Blue Eyes, boy that was a very good year. Especially when we are talking movies. We got blockbusters... we got sequels. We got classics... we had throw away gems. We had iconic characters... and SUPER iconic characters. Yup, 1989 may very well be the best movie year EVER!!! Need proof?  Why not tune in to hear what Mike D, Jedi Rob, and the grump JB have to say about movies like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Batman, Back To The Future II, Lethal Weapon II, Ghostbusters 2, Dead Poets Society, Honey I Shrunk The Kids and much, much more... Get in there BABY!!! Please head over to the ITunes page so that you can SUBSCRIBE, DOWNLOAD, LISTEN and SHARE the podcast on your favorite social media platform. You down with CCD??? Yeah, you know me....

September 18, 2014

Tim Burton Is Back With 'Big Eyes'... This Is What I WANT TO SEE FROM HIM!

Tim Burton has always been an intriguing director to me, and I certainly do love a bunch of his films. 'Beetlejuice', 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure', 'Batman', 'Edward Scissorhands', 'Ed Wood', and 'Big Fish' are some of my favorite films. But he has had some mis-steps, lately, and people are beginning to tire of a 50-something year old director who won't really expand his style and keeps making films with a child-like quality to them. But with his next entry, 'Big Eyes', he seems to be shooting for that "real" quality that he did so well in 'Ed Wood' and 'Big Fish'...and it looks awesome! It tells the true life story of artists Walter (Christoph Waltz) and Margret (Amy Adams) Keane. Walter became famous for paintings that he supposedly drew of children with huge eyes, but in reality the artistic genius was that of his wife, Margaret. They built an empire on a lie, and this is the story on how it affected them in their lives. It looks amazing, and it has an insane supporting cast: Danny Houston, Kristen Ritter, and Jason Scwartzman ...just to name a few. This is the kind of thing I would like to see Burton do more often and I think this kind of movie will go a long way in repairing his image. Let's hope so. Check out the trailer after the jump...

September 17, 2014

'Spawn: The Recall' - More Proof That Fan Films Can Be Totally Amazing

I love a good fan film, and I hate when people talk shit about them as not real movies. They are a painstaking process, the same as making a regular movie. And they have the added pressure of portraying a character that is beloved, or at the very least well known. There have been many good ones, but so far one of the best that I have seen has to be 'Spawn: The Recall' by Michael Paris. The film is a nice length (7 minutes), and features one of the best portrayals of Spawn I have ever seen. The face looks amazing, especially the eyes. The effects are great, and I think Mr. Paris accomplished in 7 short minutes what no one else has with this particular character. I hope you enjoy it after the jump...

September 15, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode 21 - The 2014 Fall TV Preview or 'Comic Books Will Now Also Invade Your TV Sets... Whether You Like It Or Not !!!'

As September creeps by and we make moves towards our favorite (horror filled) month of October it is hard not to notice all of the brand spanking new TV shows hitting the airwaves on networks. This season seems to be mimicking the box office trends, because there are tons of new Comic Book themed properties on the way. Agent Carter, The Flash, Constantine, and Gotham will join Arrow, The Walking Dead & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the comic book/superhero front. Jedi Rob, Mike D, and Alicia also talk Hannibal, The Mindy Project, Boardwalk Empire, The New Girl, Sons of Anarchy, Selfie, American Horror Story: Freakshow and a whole lot more... get them DVR's ready, cause there are too many shows to watch live each night!  Please make sure you head over to Itunes so that you can Subscribe, Download, Listen and then SHARE on your favorite Social Networking platform.