July 23, 2014

'Thug Notes' - One Hoodlum's Take On Classic Literature Of the Past

Now I am as much of a Hip Hop head as one my age can be, and I was lucky enough to be a teen in the golden era of Hip Hop culture. I wear Jordans, and I still pretty much wear the same style of clothes that I have my whole life (Hoodie sweatshirts and jeans never really go out of style). So when I see an enterprising hood star take to the Internet to use his street styles to show that Hip Hop kids can get down with classic literature... well, I just have to give my props! Sparky Sweets, PhD. ( I swear that is his name, and I love him even more for it!) breaks down some of the classics you have grown up with. Classic Literature, Original Gangster (yup, that is the shows tagline!). Books like Lord of the Flies, Dune, The Count of Monte Cristo, and even To Kill A Mockingbird. My man Sparky breaks down the books with keen insights and intelligent observations, yet does so by busting out slang and hilarious hood analogies. They also feature animated vignettes to help convey the story. This is a great concept, and I would love to get my man Sparky Sweets on the CCD Podcast at some point. We shall see. For now, check out all their videos on the Thug Notes website and their Youtube page. You can also see the Dune and To Kill A Mockingbird one embedded after the jump... happy HOOD reading ya'll !!!!

July 22, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #13 - Our Favorite Comic Book Story Arcs or I Don't Know Much, But I Am Fairly Certain That No Rob Liefeld Stories Will Make This List !!!

Hey gang, it is that time of the week again where we check back in with The CCD Podcast for an all new episode! In lucky Episode #13 we jump to the world of comics and explore our personal favorite Top 3 story arcs of all time... not necessarily the best, but the 3 that we each individually enjoy the most. Tommy Lombardozzi revisits The Nerd Cave to sit down with Jedi Rob & Mike D. Lots of  There are some differences of opinion and style of stories, yet one thing is for sure: They are all amazing! Listen for tons of one liners, goofy humor, and good ole comic book talk!!! We are the CCD Podcast... and we are here to stay! Enjoy the podcast and some accompanying artwork after the jump....

July 21, 2014

The Andre The Giant Show: Episode #2 - Special Guest Pete Holmes

Andre is back on the set of his hugely (pun intended) successful talk show, and this time he is joined by former talk show host and stand up comedian Pete Holmes. Holmes reminisces about the life of a talk show host with Andre, discuss what loving with The Giant is all about, and even compare notes on what Andre's unique voice may be most useful for. All in all another great episode. You can tune in to future episodes by clicking here and subscribing. Also you can find Mike O'Gorman (the star of the show) over on Facebook. Go show him some love and tell 'em CCD sent you!!! Check out the video after the jump...

Dune Re-Created With Candy... Let The World Rejoice!

Candy Warehouse is a cool as group that re-creates live action scenes from movies & TV shows with candy in place of humans. The results are usually amazing, and this re-creation set of the Dune movie is no exception. The scene when Paul Atreides rides in on giant sand worm and tries to claim dominion over Arrakis and the spice that is so popular comes to life with candy montage. Frank Herbert himself would be proud. After just watching the 'Jadorosky's Dune' documentary, I for one think this version of events could be even crazier than his vision!!! I certainly would rather watch this over the David Lynch movie (it really doesn't hold up well). You can see more of these excellent scenes over at the Candy Warehouse's Flickr page. Check out this set of pics after the jump...

Mike Vazquez Has Some Dope SD Comic Con 2014 Exclusives Ready For The Show!!!

We are on the cusp of this years San Diego Comic Con, and show exclusives from everyone involved are starting to crop up all in our Feedly feed. One of the coolest ones so far mashes up what will probably be 2 of the biggest comic book movies of 2014: Days of Future Past & Guardians of the Galaxy. Artist Mike Vasquez abandons his typical Adventure Time inspired creations to create a variant cover/poster that features everyone's favorite Raccoon in the role of Wolverine and the rest of the Guardians supporting cast on the posters behind him. He means business, and this is a great interpretation of the classic cover of issue X-Men #141. The piece was a combined effort creation between Vasquez and LogicFun (an artist from France who colored the piece). Vasquez also has some dope stickers featuring Groot, Star Lord Gamorra and Rocket (yeah, no Drax... weird), and a bunch of team Adventure Time inspired prints (Friday is Nintendo characters, Saturday is Guardians, and Sunday is Spidey & the Sinister 6) that are limited and only available at Vasquez's table. He also has a cool 35 page sketch book available for purchase. As someone who has followed Vasquez's art for a while, you will be blown away by both the look of the pieces as well as the quality of the prints. You can see more of Vasquez's work over at his Etsy & Deviant Art pages, and check out pics of everything from SDCC after the jump....

July 18, 2014

From The CCD Archives...Planet of the Apes Merch!!!!

I bet you thought we were all Aped out, well...not quite yet. I've been having some withdrawal pains since departing the simian world. We covered just about everything in our massive Podcast of the Apes and finally got to witness the 'Dawn.' BUT....I needed just a little bit more. So I have decided to dig through my personal archives and see what I could unearth.

Much thanks to my father, JediRob Sr.(hmmm, maybe more 00Rob), who deserves the credit for this treasure trove of geek artifacts. He was collecting and preserving geek memorabilia long before such a term was even commonly used, and certainly way before it was "cool." Taking his inspiration from Uncle Forry and Famous Monsters, he is an original fanboy and my inspiration.

So let's see what we got! These are all physical items in my possession...

See the full story after the jump...

Just Who Is This 'Groot' Anyway???

A lot of hub bub is being made over the upcoming 'Guardians of the Galaxy' movie, and the trailers are very Star Lord & Rocket Raccoon heavy. While the two green members of the team (Gamorra & Drax) are both brooding and about action, the final character that rounds out the 5 may be the most mysterious. Groot is a giant walking tree, and he talks... well, he says "I AM GROOT" over and over. Kind of like Hodor from 'Game of Thrones', just with more foliage....but just who is this Groot and where did get his start? Take a look after the jump for a little background info on the Terrific Tree known as Groot.

July 17, 2014

Nova Prime, Rhomann Dey and Yondu Get Character Posters For Guardians of the Galaxy!!!

Any good movie has great starring characters, but it is the strength of the supporting cast that will really cement the property as across-the-board amazing. We have been going wild hearing about the five main characters that will make up the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Drax and Gamora), and we were also intrigued when Ronan the Accuser and The Collector were named as villains. But who else will be making appearances/cameos in this film to fill out the character components of this film and may provide Easter Eggs  for future Marvel Cinematic movie universe films? Well it seems that the Nova Corps will play a huge role in the movie, with characters Nova Prime (played by Glenn Close) and Rhomann Dey (played by John C Reilly) occupying key positions among the intergalactic police force. Will Richard Rider (the full time hero known as Nova in the comics) be one of those cops? Maybe. But theses two alone prove that the Corps will be intricately involved in story lines for future movies to come. Then we have Yondu. Yondu was an original member of the Guardians of the Galaxy back in 1969 when the comic premiered. But in this inclination he will not really occupy that role. It seems he will be the adoptive dad-type for Star Lord, and will start Peter Quill down the path of scoundrel and law breaker before he becomes a hero. After a heist they pull together , Quill vamooses with their goods and Yondu and his gang of outlaws called the Ravagers follow him and the rest of the Guardians across the universe trying to get it back. A dual role of father figure and, later, foil for Yondu, played by director James Gunn's favorite co-contributor Michael Rooker. Can't wait to see all these characters play out on the screen... two more weeks baby! Check out the three posters after the jump....

What Would Be Some Of The Titles of Harry Potter Books If They Followed Him Into His Adult Life?

There has been a recent uptick in interest in Harry Potter books once again due to JK Rowling announcing a spin off book series set in the same universe and her publishing a short story set in the Potter-verse over at the Potter-More website. People want more of Harry & his gang, and they want it now. But JK Rowling would have a ton of pressure trying to follow up what is widely considered a perfectly wrapped up series of 7 books. So the gang over at SomeEcards thought it would be cool of them to mock up some covers for adventures that a middle age Harry might go through. These are pretty amazing, and the truth is that these real life situations might be real struggles that a grown up wizard may actually go through. Check out the whole lot here, and check out my faves after the jump....

July 15, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #12 - The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review or Get Those Damn Dirty Balls Off Of Andy Serkis's Face And Into His MOUTH!!!!

Wow... I can't beleive we are 12 Episodes into the run of the CCD Podcast! While Episode #11 saw us finish our 3 part complete retrospective of the Planet of the Apes franchise, we couldn't have possibly have finished it up without recording our thoughts about the latest film in the Apes contingent. So Episode #12 sees us heading back into the world of Simian Dominance for one last time... Jedi 'Maniac Monkey' Rob, JB the Ape Boy, and Joe 'The Rockin' Orangutan' Milazzo put the final nail in the Apes retrospective coffin by reviewing the film and letting you know how it stacked up to their expectations. After the jump we also have some amazing 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' fan art courtesy of Deviant Art, and a cool vintage toy ad for a Planet of the Apes dress up costume playset (back in the good ole' days when toy guns looked realer than REAL GUNS.. LOL!!!) All of that and more on this weeks episode of the CCD Podcast. Please jump over to our ITunes Page, then follow these easy steps: Subscribe, Download, Listen, Share... REPEAT!!!