June 24, 2015

The CCD Art & Supply Co. Presents: The HBO Show - Our 4th Live Art Show Commemorating 35+ Years of HBO Original Programming

This past Saturday on June 20th The CCD Art & Supply Co. organized our 4th live art show at the Irish Haven in Brooklyn, NY. The theme of the show was simple: HBO. What network has accomplished a wider range of classic shows and events over the past 35+ years? How many properties have they put out and have become a persons "all time favorite show"? It is just staggering. From the childhood memories of Fraggle Rock to my college years of never missing an episode of The Sopranos to this past years successes of Game of Thrones & true Detective... man, I sure do have a lot of love for HBO. So we assembled a crew of 20 amazing artists to all take on their personal favorite HBO programs... and the results are JUST AMAZING! All of the pieces are available for purchase as prints in 8 x 10, 11 x 14, and 16 x 20 sizes on our website by clicking here. Check out previews after the jump....

The CCD Podcast- Episode #55: The Terminator Retrospective: Part I or "You Know, The GOOD Terminator Movies!!!"

In our latest installment of the CCD Podcast we take another trip down memory lane for a retrospective on the Terminator franchise. This is the perfect time to revisit the franchise that James Cameron started considering that the release of the 5th Terminator film, Terminator: Genisys is right around the corner! Join Jedi Rob, the lovely and talented Alicia Gomes, and filmmaker Leland James as they break down the classic Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day in the first half of this retrospective podcast! Enjoy after the jump....

June 18, 2015

The CCD Art & Supply Co. Present - The HBO Show: Celebrating 35 Years of Original Programming Through Art Preview

Hello, friends! We here at the CCD Art & Supply Co. are gearing up for our 4th group art show. It is taking place at the Irish Haven on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at 8pm. And it's called....


19 contributing artists will create original art pieces celebrating the original programming of Home Box Office throughout the years! Every artist picked out a show and created an ORIGINAL piece of art featuring characters from that show! We assembled a killer group of artists (20 TOTAL) and the pieces have been rolling in and are fantastic!!! Here are the artists that will be participating:


On June 20th at 7:00 PM all of the pieces will be available for purchase by clicking here. But after the jump, here is a little preview of a few pieces to come....

June 15, 2015

The CCD Podcast - Episode #54: The Game of Thrones Season Wrap-Up or "Burn/Stab/Behead... The End Of Westeros As We Have Known It!"

'Game of Thrones' has been one of the CCD staff's favorite shows since its inception several years ago. Very rarely has a ensemble drama made so many characters expendable and actually gone through with their killing and tough situations for EVERYONE involved. Literally, no one is safe in the books of George R.R. Martin... and we are coming to find out that they are even less safe within the realm of the HBO TV adaption. Up until this point, the show has, pretty much, stayed in line with the first few books this season,however, took some wild turns that even that hardest hardcore readers of 'The Song of Ice & Fire' books didn't anticipate. HBO has probably come to grips with the fact that Martin may not EVER finish his epic series (we have been waiting on Book 6 in the series since BEFORE the show started, and Season 5 just ended!) If he does, it will be long passed the time in which it will be necessary  info for show adaption purposes. So, it seems HBO will be taking it their own way. But honestly, who can say they saw coming the return of Dothraki...the walk of shame Cersei had to take...the unfortunate situation for Mycella...or even the Night's Watch getting all Julius Caesar with  Jon Snow? Nobody.... and that is what makes this show so great! So jump into Episode #54 of the CCD Podcast with Jedi Rob & the lovely Alicia Gomes and hear their thoughts on the situations stemming from last night's powerful Season 5 finally. Get in there....

June 5, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #53 - The Current State of Marvel or "Make Mine Marvel... All Day, Everyday!"

Make Mine Marvel... this was the rallying cry throughout the 70s/80s/90s from the biggest comic company in the game. Before Image shook up the comic world... before DC made a comeback... before all that, Marvel was on top of the world. And then the bad times came. The low book sales. the systematic selling off of the movie rights to their roster of characters. The impending bankruptcy. The leather clad hero outfits of the 90s. It got real bad in ole Marvel-ville. Rock bottom bad. And then... well, and then they got their shit together. They took one of the properties that they still had the rights to, Iron Man (not exactly the biggest tier character) and made a movie, A FANTASTIC MOVIE. This was one of the best comic films ever. And it began... the rebuild. Into the monster franchise money maker that we all know and love. Books sales went up. Making each and every movie work no matter who is in it (and not having their TOP TIER characters back). Being acquired by Disney. Huge... HUGER than everyone could have ever expected. TV shows. Netflix shows. A talking Raccoon and a Tree leading the highest grossing movie of the year. Yup, Marvel is on top of the world. So Jedi Rob & Mike D breakdown the current state of affairs over at the house that Jack Kirby & Stan Lee built. Enjoy our recap on all that has come, and all we have to look forward to... MAKE MINE MARVEL!!!!

May 27, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #52 - Wrestlers in the Movies or "What Do You Mean You Haven't Seen "The Marine Part 7"? What Are You Waiting For?"

Wrestling played a huge role in most nerds lives back in the 70s/80s/90s and is still really popular today. The WWF/WWE, WCW, NWA, ECW and other organizations all gave us some memorable characters to cheer and jeer over the years. But some of those performers were lucky enough to expand their careers beyond the squared circle and branch out into acting... well, lets just say that they were in some movies (not much ACTING really taking place in most of these roles!). Some are no brainers, like Hulk Hogan in Rocky 3 or Jesse Ventura in Predator. But what about some of the others through the years? Check out wrestling fanatics Jedi Rob, Joey Esq, and The Supershow creator Steve Resk as they go through some of the best (or worst?) roles that wrestlers filled through the years! Episode #52 is up...

May 15, 2015

The CCD Podcast Episode #51 - The Mad Max Trilogy Retrospective or "WHO RUN BARTERTOWN? SAY... SAY LOUD... CCD RUNS BARTERTOWN!!! LIFT EMBARGO..."

The trilogy that many claim to have seen but few rarely have FINALLY gets the CCD Retrospective treatment in our newest podcast episode. We count down to the fourth installment of the Mad Max series (Fury Road... out May 15th!) with a look back at the first 3 George Miller classic films. The movie franchise that launched the Australian cinema industry gets fully broken down and discussed by Jedi Rob, Mike D, and filmmaker Leland James... and the Nerd Cave will never be the same!!! We all have a special view of the classic films, and it was real cool to chop it up CCD style in honor of the amazing films Miller has created. Fury Road looks great... but this is where it all began! Check out some cool vintage movie posters, artwork, and other tidbits as well as BOTH an AUDIO & VIDEO version of the podcast after the jump!!!


May 8, 2015

The CDD Podcast: Episode #50.5 - The Avengers: Age of Ultron Review or "There Are No Strings On Us..."

This past weekend we saw the release of what could be the most profitable movie of the entire year with Avengers: Age of Ultron finally hitting theaters. Joss & the MCU crew did not disappoint, as they brought the noise in what is considered the culmination of phase 2 of the Marvel movies. The whole team is in the house, with some additions, and a boatload of baddies to cause the gang some strife. And lets not forget the piece de resistance: Scarlet Johanson in all her Black Widow GLORY! Mercy, Mercy Me.... but I digress. Jedi Rob, Mike D and special guest of the podcast Leland James take some time to talk about Marvel's latest opus as well as what we feel might be on the way. It was worth the wait, now here us talk it up!

May 4, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #50!!! -The CCD Film Club Presents Our "Predator" Commentary Track (With Video !!!)

Five long years ago I started Cultural Compulsive Disorder, and I had a vision. I wanted my blog to be HUGE right away. I wanted to be Topless Robot, Cal's Cave of Cool, Freddy In Space or Super Punch... but without all the hard work that the guys that put those sites together had put in. I wanted it THEN... and I WANTED IT QUICK. But that is not how it works. So I busted my ass trying to load up this blog with content. 5-7 posts a day, 25-35 posts a week. Covering NY Comic Con, throwing events, making connects.... reaching out to a bunch of the guys that ran the sites above (whattup Cal & Johnny!) so that I can get some pointers. I tried to surround myself with a kick ass team of co-contributors who all believed in our brand and making it huge. And then I wrote this on Facebook:

Yup... I had a feeling we can achieve big things. Guess I was right! (more after the jump)

April 17, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #49 - The Best "Glimpse" Movies Ever or "I Wish I Were BIG!"

"Glimpse" movies are movies that take a step back from reality and allow the characters involved a chance to explore their lives through alternate events... think "A Christmas Carol" or "Big". The characters are given a new set of circumstances and then are left to ponder: Is life better in this new reality, or is it worse? These movies can come with different plot devices or themes, but the goal is for the characters to evaluate themselves and their life an ultimately APPRECIATE what they have! So we decided to take a look back at some of the greatest "Glimpse" movies that have ever existed. Enjoy the awesome episode featuring Jedi Rob, Alicia, and Mike D after the jump...