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May 30, 2012

Calvin & Hobbes: The Video Game by Johan Vinet

I have always had a soft spot for Calvin & hobbes, Bill Waterson's wonderful comic strip. I am not nearly as huge of a fan as my boy Joe Esq may be, but I know that lots of people have love for the little boy & his imaginary tiger. So whenever I come across something cool featuring these great characters, I have to post them on CCD. Artist Johan Vinet creates an excellent 16 bit version of the dynamic duo if they had been the lead characters in a Sega Genesis game, and the results are stupendous. After the jump, check out both a GIF and full video version of the opening title card from the faux game, and take a trip down memory lane with two of the best comic strip characters of all time.

GIF Version:

and now the video version with moving background:

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